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Personal Magnetism

Engaging Conversations

Bold Confidence


(The Smart, Ambitious, Analytical, & Typical “Nice Guy”)…

Develop The Confidence & Your Own
Sense Of Personal Power To:

Overcome Approach Anxiety: Learn to quit overthinking the approach & become a natural at meeting women.

Never run out of things to say: Possess the skills to make a genuine connection with the opposite sex - & always have something interesting to talk about.

Escalate: Intensify your personal connection with a woman & have the ability to take that interaction to the next level (i.e. get out & stay out of the "Friend-zone").

Keep The Flame Lit: Achieve a level of respect, love & security in your relationships that you never imagined possible.

Live Your Ideal Life: Be a natural at influencing & attracting people, build a solid social network, & always have something fun on the go.

These Are The Skills Of A Charismatic Gent...
And They Can Be Learned

Attract & keep women in your life through confidence,
authenticity, integrity & being a man of influence.

Also known as charisma.”

And when you’ve got charisma, you’ve got an alluring, personal magnetism… & more.

It’s the extraordinary ability to attract, charm, & captivate the people around you.
It's smooth & sexy in a genuine, natural, true-to-yourself kinda way.

Become so charismatic, they can’t ignore you.

Most Of My Clients Have A Deep
Fear Of Approaching A Woman
They Find Attractive…

It’s the not knowing & overthinking
the situation that kills them

They’re near frozen in fear about getting shot down,
coming across as creepy or weird, knowing what to say,
& how to tell if she’s into him - or if she’s just being nice.

These guys are the top professionals in their field with a high skill level job, but
feel like a total newbie when it comes to dealing with women & relationships.

For them, this uncertainty is a hard pill to swallow - & one I can empathize with.

If this sounds like you:

Highly analytical - You think things over to the Nth degree, only to hold yourself back from taking action.

Approaching a cute girl - or just talking to her, gives you anxiety.

No confidence with women.

Don't feel that outgoing &/or are awkward in social situations.

Struggle to start a conversation or feel like you never have anything interesting to say. 

Stuck on that one girl & just can't get her out of your head - or scared to take things further.

Smart, caring, insightful & have a decent career.

Want more &/or better sex.

Don't know where or how to meet really great women.

Feel lonely & disconnected - even though you've got lots of people around you.

And not exactly sure what to say or do to create chemistry with a woman you find attractive (i.e. how to escalate sexually).

The good news... I can help.

Become the most confident &
charismatic version of yourself.

I teach men like you to stand out. To be more assertive,
more attractive, & more fun to be around.

No man is born good with women.
It’s something we have to learn.

I'll help you understand what’s not working so you can fix it, & get
the types of relationships you want - with the women you want.

Do what you think you can't do,
speak up & ask for what you want,
let go of what’s holding you back…

And do it all with confidence.

It starts with a quick 20 minute call -
The "Confidence Consult."

On this free call, I'll help give you clarity to your situation
with women and the confidence to move forward.
Just schedule online behind the button. 

It’s Not Just About Attracting The Girl;
It’s About Becoming The Man That Attracts The Girl.

Beyond The Pick-Up...
No Cheesy Lines, No Games, No Gimmicks

Attract women from a place of true authenticity,
respect, & your ultimate best self.

Authenticity is being who you really are. It's when your outer game matches your inner game. 
When your behaviors match your deepest core values & life ambitions.

Coming from a place of authenticity
is very attractive. It's charismatic.

With a little guidance, acquire the allure & magnetism of a Charismatic Gent. Possess
the extraordinary ability to charm, influence & naturally attract women today.

Confidence comes from knowing what to do next.

Get the tools, formula & a step-by-step framework to
handle any social interaction from a place of boldness.

On this free call, I’ll help give clarity to your situation
with women & the confidence to move forward.
Just schedule online behind the button.


[  kerəzˈmadik  ]

adjective: charismatic

1. possessing an extraordinary ability to attract, charm, & influence the people around you

- “a charismatic leader“

- synonyms: charm, personal magnetism, exuding confidence, alluring personality,

effortless attraction, likeable & powerful, influential, strength of character

2. a captivating, magnetic charm or appeal

- “smooth & sexy"


noun: charisma

Your Dating Coach & Attraction Expert

Hi. I’m Burt Campbell & the gentleman behind Charismatic Gent.

My clients hire me to rid themselves of the deep
fears, frustrations, & pain holding them back
from having success with women.

Because what they’re doing now (thin articles, misleading
 videos, going at it alone…) just isn’t working.

I, perhaps like you, struggled hard to really connect with women, to not feel totally awkward around people, & to achieve the level of success I so desperately wanted.

My issues stemmed from a well-ingrained poverty & scarcity mindset growing up.

The inevitable effects - major anxiety, depression, inadequacy, zero negotiating power, low status, getting walked all over, neediness, overthinking every situation, procrastination, & always trying to prove myself (because I never quite fit in)

I was in a perpetual cycle of my own emotional blackmail & a poster boy for the “Nice Guy Syndrome.”

A total turn off to women.

I discovered the hard way that people - especially woman, don’t respect a man who they can walk all over. They don't admire a man who doesn’t have the balls to stand up for what he believes in, or is too afraid to go after what he wants.

Yet, I struggled hard to find good, solid answers on the "how" to overcome this feeling of worthlessness & beating anxiety for good (& have the years of receipts to show).

This forced me to go many, many layers deeper until I found solutions - or developed them myself.

Oddly, my success with women was actually due to
the result of this personal quest to be a better man.

The interesting part was that the more self-assured I got & the more I remained true to myself, the more successful I became, & the more people were drawn to me.

The bonus… As a side effect, the problem I had with
women & social situations actually went away.

This manifested across my entire life. It manifested in my ability to walk away from toxic relationships, an ability to stand up for myself, & the courage to go after whatever it is I wanted (including women) - all without ever having to seek approval for my worth from anyone.

It’s not just about attracting the girl;
it’s about becoming the man that attracts the girl.

Because of what I went through, I could see that there was a distinct void in the market for guys to get honest help.

Most courses & resources fail on the follow through & long term results - only surface level techniques, tricks, & quick fixes (especially in the pick-up community).

Hence why I focus on the other end of the spectrum - well beyond the pick-up. I work on transforming “The Man,” with charisma as my vehicle.

Why? Because if don’t, well, then the bad guys win.

Charisma represents power, influence, integrity &
really complements the Nice Guy's inherent traits - especially the intellectual, always in your head type.

Let me help you...:

Overcome the “Nice Guy Syndrome”

Get out & stay out of the "Friend-zone"

Make confidence your primary setting

Unforgettable dates (in a good way)

Get out of your head/Stop overthinking 

Be the guy that others come to for something interesting to do

Alluring conversations & people skills

Conquer anxiety (esp. approach anxiety)

Style consulting - Dress to impress

Reprogram those self-limiting beliefs

Let go of the things that hold you back

Better sleep, more energy & improve cognitive performance.

Get Personalized, One-On-One Coaching
Via Skype Or In-Person & Become
That Irresistible Man Women
Are Naturally Attracted To

It all starts with a quick 20 minute call -
the "Confidence Consult."

I’ve most likely been where you're at now & know quite intimately how painful it is.

Because every client is unique & each scenario different, I need to know a bit
about your situation so that I can hone in on where I can help you best. 

I’d like to know specifically where you’re at, what you’re struggling with,
what you’ve tried, & of course, what your desired goals are.

You're just 20 minutes to confidence...

When we talk, we’ll get you clear on WHY you've not had success with women…
exactly what’s holding you back from getting the results you want, & establish a
plan of attack - regardless of how frustrated you are or feel your situation is.

I'll guarantee that in our first conversation, you’ll get some quick,
actionable dating & attraction advice you can start using right away.

Book your free session online by clicking the button below.
see how a little guidance from an expert can get
you closer to getting & keeping the girl.

On this free call, I’ll help give clarity to your situation
with women & the confidence to move forward.
Just schedule online behind the button.

Become so charismatic, they can’t ignore you.

P.S. – This is a NO obligation talk. I’m not in the convincing business.

P.S.S. – The level of personal attention you get from me is VERY important (& key to your success).
Due to the exclusivity of the service offered by Charismatic Gent & my expertise in this field,
I MUST limit the number of clients in the training at any given time.

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