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I help guys become more self-assured, take action despite the fear, and to get - and connect with really great women.

Attract, Don’t Pursue

Personal Magnetism

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Hi. I’m Burt.
Your Dating Coach, Attraction Expert...
& The Gentleman Behind Charismatic Gent

I give smart, yet shy guys the deep down confidence to get the girl & keep the girl...
through charisma.

  • Social influence
  • Better conversations
  • Abundance mentality
  • More dates
  • More sex
  • Better dates
  • Better sex
  • Sense of control
  • Poise around women
  • Personal magnetism
  • Social influence
  • Better conversations
  • Abundance mentality
  • More dates
  • More sex
  • Better dates
  • Better sex
  • Sense of control
  • Poise around women
  • Personal magnetism

Beyond The Pick-Up...
No Cheesy Lines, No Games, No Gimmicks.

I help guys become more self-assured, take action despite the fear,
& to get & keep the attention of really great women.

My clients develop the extraordinary ability to attract, charm, & captivate
the people around them - from a place of respect & authenticity.

This my friends, is “Charisma.”

Only a few people realize the power behind charisma.

It's smooth & sexy in a genuine, natural,
true-to-yourself kinda way.


“To entice the target clientele, the rising, elite man, using a classy brand platform that exudes his confidence & intelligence.”
Charismatic Gent takes inspiration from London’s Savile Row, figures
such as Will Smith, Brad Pitt & George Clooney, & just doing what’s right - as a man & as a gentleman, in this world.

The Guiding Principles Separating
Charismatic Gent From All The Other Noise


I Work On The Other End Of The Spectrum:

I'd almost consider myself as an "Anti-Dating" coach. 

Look, I can take any guy out there & get him a date. This is the easy part - & the focus in the majority of other dating sites, pick-up coaches, etc. on the market. 

The problem… This guy has no idea what to do once he’s in a relationship. Truth is, most people who’re married shouldn’t have even gone past the 2nd or 3rd date (Borrowed from Dr Glover of “No More Mr. Nice Guy.” This line has a ton of truth to it - just look around.).

These books, courses & coaches are essentially training a dog to catch a car - but what the hell is the dog going to do once he catches that car? And as far as I’m concerned, most dating material out there contribute to the problem, not fix it (think divorce & bitter break ups).

I work on the man & the other end of the spectrum. I transform him into a better person - from the inside out. One that shows up in the world authentic, fearless, confident & eager to tackle life’s challenges (as opposed to shying away from).

The results - they attract & don’t pursue (i.e. not needy), establish a deep, inner confidence, & show up as genuine “men” in the world - which is what the world needs more of, what’s irresistible to women, & what cultivates amazing, long-term relationships.


Practical, Actionable, Exhaustively Researched & Real World Material - That You Won’t Find Elsewhere

I’ve worked damn hard to research, test, produce & teach material that’ll be well worth your time to dig into & learn. 

There’s so much mediocre, misleading & regurgitated crap out there in the world - especially in this niche. We certainly don’t need more.

There’s also way too much basic BS (like affirmations) that might work for the select, gifted few, & not enough deep level content for the rest of us - content that actually gets permanent, everlasting & consistent results.

When I write on a topic, my goal is to make it so good you'll hardly need to read anything else on the subject. I aspire to be your main source for guidance on becoming that awesome man you so desire to be.

When I coach, my perspective is practical, actionable & comes from a place of deep, personal experience. I've been there. I've been so deep in my own shit that it's not even funny - & made it out the other side. So I know what works & what doesn't from real world experience.

My promise to you… Should you take the time to read & implement even 10% of what you get from me, you’ll be a changed for-the-better man.


Smart, Respectable, Ambitious Gents Only

I produce & teach material, systems & processes for smart, ambitions Gents with integrity.

No sleazy, creepy, flavour of the week tactics to pick up women.

No “how to get laid tonight” nor thin “10 places to meet women” type of posts. No daily inspirational quotes either.

No hype & no hard sells.

You can send your Mom to my site & introduce my clients to your parents. I cater to people I want to be around & associated with - real, sincere, honest dudes who struggle a bit with women & being that awesome, successful, confident man they’re eager to be.

Quick Bio (full down below)

Why I Do What I Do?
Well, I’m Certainly Not Doing It Just For The Girls.

I've always been fascinated with human behaviour & human engineering. Specifically, "What separates the winners in life from the people who struggle?"

This has been a burning question for 20+ years... because I was the one who was struggling. 


I suffered to the extreme side of the "Nice Guy Syndrome" to the point where if there was an Olympics for Nice Guys, I would've been the Michael Phelps. 

I discovered the hard way that people - especially woman, don’t respect a man who they can walk all over. They don't admire a man who doesn’t have the balls to stand up for what he believes in, or is too afraid to go after what he wants.

The inevitable effects - major anxiety, depression, beyond low self-esteem, zero negotiating power, getting walked all over, neediness, procrastination, & always trying to prove myself (because I never quite fit in)…

Not exactly attractive or alluring.

Shame ruled me & my decisions birthed from it. I did things I wasn't proud of – but couldn't help it. 

I felt like this outside demonic force was in control of my thoughts & actions. I knew & could see that what I was doing wasn't right, but was a puppet to this monster.

I was so immersed in my own shit (i.e. head trash) to the point where I had to use a series of straws to breath (& at times I near drowned). 

A quote from Red in the movie, "Shawshank Redemption" rang true in my head during these low's:

"Get busy living, or get busy dying."

While I thought about the latter, an internal drive kept pushing me forward. Staying the same wasn’t an option, so I made a commitment, to myself, to make my life better...

And got good - really good (& confident enough to say so).

Why? I struggled so hard to find solid answers on the "how" to overcome all this (& have the years of receipts to show). This forced me to go many, many layers deeper until I found solutions - or developed them myself.

Oddly, my success with women was actually due to
the result of this personal quest to be a better man.

I've well surpassed the theoretical "10,000 hours" into what motivates people, what drives them, their predictably unpredictable-ness, & how to reprogram/rewire the brain & body (think better, more energy, feel good, etc.).

I became quite active & a leader in a variety of men’s groups, including an authorized assistant for a few of Dr. Glover’s (of the book, “No More Mr. Nice Guy”) dating & attraction mindset programs.

I’ve also got a couple coach certifications, including one behind the psychology of money (it’s one of my secret weapons - because when you understand how money affects people, you understand them on a whole new level).

I “get” people.

It’s the one area where I have an edge - a true competitive advantage.

An area where I can make a difference - because I've been there & I "get it."  

This is why I do what I do.

I created Charismatic Gent as a way to give men an outlook on life where they can stand up for their true self - saying what they really think or feel, & act in alignment with who they are at the core - without fear, guilt & shame.

To make them comfortable in their own skin & to be a pillar of strength (very attractive btw).

To give them better, more fulfilling, longer lasting relationships with great women.

And ultimately, to give them the balls to go after whatever it is they want in life - with confidence.

Be awesome.

Your Charisma Coach

Burt Campbell

Why I Do What I Do

  • I know that there are guys out there that need help – because what they’re doing now isn’t working.

  • I know that most of the resources out there aren't effective in actually getting results.

  • I know that most of the resources out there aren't effective in actually getting results.

  • I know that the world needs more males who can take the lead & be pillars of strength for others.

  • I know that women desire to have real men in their lives. Real, Charismatic Gentlemen.

  • I do what I do because, well, "it's just the right thing to do." I feel it inside me.

"“You can choose courage or you can choose comfort,
but you cannot choose both.”"

- Brene Brown

My Full Story

My Full Story
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“If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”
- Will Rogers

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"“The Nightmare we fear most is the one we’ve already been through”"
- D.W. Winnicott

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