Charismatic Gent | Charismatic Gent



He Holds Higher Standards For Himself Than Everyone Else

He oozes confidence, self-respect, passion & purpose.

As seductive as he is mysterious, A Charismatic Gent’s powers are hard to resist & equally hard to put a finger on.

This is "charisma."

Every man wants it - few men possess it…
But no one can escape the power of its influence.

Become so charismatic, they can’t ignore you.


[  kerəzˈmadik  ]

adjective: charismatic

1. possessing an extraordinary ability to attract, charm, & influence the people around you

- “a charismatic leader“​

- synonyms: charm, personal magnetism, exuding confidence, alluring personality,

effortless attraction, likeable & powerful, influential, strength of character

2. a captivating, magnetic charm or appeal

- “smooth & sexy"


noun: charisma

The Three Essential Elements Of A Charismatic Gent

When you “GET IT,” you'll achieve a level of success with women, in business, & in life that you never imagined possible.

A Charismatic Gent gets what he wants in life through outstanding social skills, an irresistible attraction, & a solid understanding of his own operating system.

He has unwavering confidence, gets his needs met, & has no attachment to outcome.

He knows the job, cool car & fancy clothes won’t get him the life he wants (although, his taste & standards default to them).

A Charismatic Gent knows that it’s who he is on the inside that counts, how he shows up in the world… & how he makes other’s feel.

In turn, people are naturally attracted to him.

Possess the traits of a Charismatic Gent...:


( Self-Mastery )

Understand the operating system of your mind and body. Let go & be in control of the fear & insecurities that hold you back.

  • Be confident, calm & in control - at all times.
  • Be the guy that gets the girl & keeps the girl.
  • Stay out of the dreaded “Friend-zone.

When you win the inner game, the outer game takes care of itself.


( Social Intelligence )

You can’t succeed in life without mastering people. Understand social dynamics & what it takes to really connect with others.

  • Always know what to say - in any situation.
  • Chat with that pretty girl coming your way.
  • Set boundaries & handle difficult people. 

People skills are a true super power. It's where the magic happens.


( Social Influence )

Half your battles are either won or lost by how you show up - and you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

  • Make awesome first impressions.
  • Handle awkward social situations - with ease.
  • Smooth & sexy - an alluring personal magnetism.

Charisma attracts & influences. The power position always leads.

When you become a better person, you attract better things in your life - better relationships, better friends, better & bigger opportunities.

Times are changing...

"The art of being a man is a dying art."

- Burt Campbell

If You Want To Get Noticed & Get Ahead, You Have To Stand Out

And there's no greater stimulant for standing out than having high self-confidence & high self-worth.

When you have high confidence & high self-worth, the attention naturally flows to you.

When you have low status, it’s much harder for you to get noticed (if at all).

When you’ve got nothing to hide – no fear, no guilt & no shame, it makes showing your real self & true personality to others much easier, more natural, & more satisfying.

This is "charisma"

And when you’ve got charisma, you’ve got confidence… and more.

It’s naturally attractive.

And Apologies Boys...

Just because you dress well or grew a beard doesn’t make you a man.

The car, job, big muscles, money in the bank, girlfriend... These don’t define you as a man.

You're defined by who you are, not what you do, or have.

At the end of the day, character determines who you are & your true success in life.

Fortunately, Charisma Is A Set Of Traits That Can Be Learned…

Charisma is a finely crafted skill set.
It’s a representation of your worth to the world.
A symbol of status.

Money doesn’t buy it. You can’t steal it & you can’t borrow it. It’s hard work & an awesome internal drive to be the best you can be - always.

It’s paying constant attention to details.

Your worth at any moment in life is the overall total of:

How you feel about yourself & How others feel about you.

What you say & How you say it.

What you do & How you do it.

Your influence on others & How you make them feel. 

It’s not doing things right as much as it’s having the balls to do the right things.

This is 'charisma.

And it's naturally attractive.

Charisma Can't Be Faked

Either you possess it or you don’t.

Being a male is simply a matter of birth & being a man a matter of age…
But being a Gentleman (i.e. Charismatic Gent) is a matter of choice.

As a Charismatic Gent in the modern era, you immediately set yourself apart by how you carry yourself, how you present yourself, & how you treat others.

Men, & especially women, can sense someone who's incongruent with themselves from a mile away.

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Speak up and ask for what you want,

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Possess the traits of a Charismatic Gent...

Attract, don’t pursue.

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