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Personal Magnetism

Bold Confidence

Alluring Conversations

Attract, Don’t Pursue

The Charismatic Gent's Attraction Methodology
Consists Of Three Core Pillars:

Becoming A Man Of Status Is No Easy Feat.

Possessing the extraordinary ability to charm, attract women & be that man of
influence can be quite complex. Luckily, I've taken the complexity,
confusion & BS out - so you can focus on the essentials.



When you win the inner game, the outer game takes care of itself. This is where real change happens.

Re-frame negative beliefs about yourself & women, eliminate the fear of rejection, & develop captivating inner



People skills are the true super power... But with
great power comes great responsibility. Use wisely.

Overcome approach anxiety & understand the psychology behind alluring conversation, flirting, body language, touch, & what makes
people tick.



Attract & Influence. The opposite of needy. Great first impressions & an authentic personal magnetism. 

We re-create & engineer how you show up in the world - as a leader & a man who has a powerful impact on others
(esp. women).

Combined, The Three Pillars 
Charm & Attract Women - The Charismatic Way.


Do What You Think
You Can’t Do.


Speak Up & Ask For
What You Want.


Identify & Let Go Of Exactly What’s Holding You Back.

Specific Tools, Systems, Processes, Models - All Backed By The Latest
Neuroscience, Psychology, Research, & In Field Experience.

Together, a complete framework designed to get you unstuck - And no matter what
 you tackle or come up against in life, you'll do it with bold confidence.

Be The Man That Gets Noticed, Gets Ahead, & Stands Out.

If You're Not Sure Where To Start...

On this free "Confidence Consult" call, I’ll help give clarity to your
situation with women & the confidence on how to move forward.
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Confidence Comes From
Knowing What To Do Next

Charismatic Gent Provides You With A New Set Of Tools To
Boost Your Dating Life & Attraction Skills Using Easily
Learned Core Principles, Guidelines & Habits.


We Start Where You’re At:

Most trainings set you up to fail before you even start. They tell you to talk to that girl when you can’t even make eye contact - a recipe for disaster.

You end up more intimidated, frustrated & discouraged than before you even started.

These guys do more harm than good.
Not cool.

Not everyone's the same. Your issues must be met at one level before we can begin to address issues at the next. At CG, every tiny step is deliberate & produces the momentum needed to move forward - with confidence.

I Understand Change:

If you knew how to change, you'd have done it already. The books, courses, guru's, etc., would've gotten you the results you wanted. 

Any skill approached with the right mindset
makes all the difference in the world.

Chances are you know what to do (you got skills).
But what's holding you back (mindset)?

How many smart, successful, well-educated
guys do you know
(maybe even yourself) who
are terrified to chat up that girl - or lack the confidence to tell someone how they
truly feel? Mindset is key.

Principles vs Techniques:

The Charismatic Gent is about understanding the principles behind the techniques.

Many programs focus on the technique of “How” to do it. A technique is like words - without the music.

You can't construct a building starting on the 12th floor. No lines, no games, no gimmicks, no trendy tactics. Principles are the foundation to
true success. Grasp this concept &
the rest is easy.

The 80/20 Approach:

What’s the 20% of effort that’s going to give you 80% of your results? Even the 95/5? 

We're after big wins, breakthroughs & maximizing time vs effort. The biggest bang for your buck.

You're busy, got things to do, & want immediate results in your life (so you can move on). This
I get. Because I've tried nearly everything,
I know what works & what doesn't -
so you don't have to.

Subtract vs Adding:

You don't need more tools, the latest techniques, or more info. This is an unfulfilled, moving target.

You also don't need the shiny new car, big muscles or high paying job to be happy
(these are short lived).

Like you need another 300 page book or 30+ hours of video to watch. It's about quality over quantity (see 80/20). Focus on what really matters & delete the rest. Less is actually
more - & much easier.

Models, Systems & Processes:

Besides being visual creatures, us guys are very linear & like step-by-step instructions.

This is why I use models, systems & processes.
It dramatically decreases the amount of time it takes to learn, remember & apply. 

Follow simple models for optimizing thought sequences, easy-to-follow systems for
creating effortless change, & processes
to create natural, unobstructed flow
( I'm all about "flow states" ).

Attract, Don’t Pursue:

I work on the other end of the spectrum -
It’s all about positioning yourself as "the go-to guy."

You’re not the one pursuing;
You’re the one being pursued.

A Charismatic Gent is a man of value & has an abundance mentality. He knows his worth,
what he brings to the people around him,
& isn't attached to outcome. This is
attractive & when you think like this,
it puts you in the power position.

A Totally New Perspective:

Beware those who teach the same re-hashed crap that you can get in a simple Google search.

You don’t need more, you need something that's going to work (because what you've tried hasn't).

1. Most stuff out there doesn’t work (trust me - I’ve got the receipts & wasted years to prove it). I
sucked & got really good - it was my life mission.

2. You’re too close to yourself to see yourself.
If you could've solved your problem, you'd have already done it.

Your Transformation Starts With A Quick,
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On this free call, I’ll help give clarity to your situation with
women & the confidence on how to move forward.
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We’ll get you clear on WHY you've not been successful with women… regardless of where you're at & how frustrating you FEEL your situation is.


I'll give you my best strategies & a few key resources from my 20+ years of experience in personal growth, psychology & neuroscience to get you unstuck “on-the-spot.”


You’ll finally have comfort in knowing your next steps & the confidence on specifically what to take action on
(this alone is worth
its weight in gold).

And I'll Guarantee That In Our First Conversation, You’ll Get Some Quick,
Actionable Dating & Attraction Advice You Can Start Using Right Away.

On this free call, I’ll help give clarity to your situation with
women & the confidence on how to move forward.
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P.S. – This is a NO obligation talk. I’m not in the convincing business.

P.S.S. – The level of personal attention you get from me is VERY important (& key to your success).
Due to the exclusivity of the service offered by Charismatic Gent & my expertise in this field,
I MUST limit the number of clients in the training at any given time.

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