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Attn: 'Nice Guys'




Be Helpful, Considerate & Appreciative (i.e. Kiss Ass). And Do Anything For Anyone (Especially Her).​
Yeah, Like A Real Puppy...

( And You'll Get Everything You Want. )

But let me ask...

“How’s that way of life working for you? Your career? And your love life?”


And no, I’m not endorsing any guy to be a jerk, creep OR asshole. There’s a fundamental misconception between being “Nice” & what it actually takes to be a man.

Read on - especially you "Nice Guys."

( And ladies... you can thank me later. )

Nice Guy” - As Defined By Dr. Robert Glover's Book, “No More Mr. Nice Guy

The Nice Guy Syndrome represents a belief that if Nice Guys are “good,” they will be loved, get their needs met, & live a problem-free life.

When this life strategy fails to produce the desired results - as it often does -

Nice Guys usually just try harder, doing more of the same.

If You’ve Said/Can Relate To One Or All Of These Three Key Areas, Face It; You’re A “Nice Guy”…
( And You’re In The Right Place )



"I don't know? What do you feel like eating?"

Those nine words are the kiss of death in any relationship.

Alongside; "I don't know? Where do you feel like going?" Or "I don't know? What do you feel like doing?"

A man who doesn't have the balls to take the initiative is a major turnoff to ANY woman.

You’re worried about what people might think of you. Terrified of looking foolish or failing. Probably even have a perfectionistic attitude & always comparing yourself to others. You, “just want them to be happy” (i.e. you're scared to rock the boat).

I get it. You don’t like conflict & avoid feelings of shame by not exposing your thoughts, feelings or desires. It’s easier to just give in to other people's wants, opinions, expectations, etc., so you just beat around the bush - avoiding what really needs to be said or done.

A lack of confidence & assertiveness - in any area of your life, only leads to resentment, that never-good-enough feeling, & a life dominated by fear, worry, & anxiety.



“You’re Such A Great Guy. You’ll Make Some Lucky Woman Very Happy One Day.”

Haha. If I had a couple bucks for every time a woman use to say that to me...

(Apologies on laughing. It's bringing up some deep memories that I can at least smile about now.)

Bottom line, Nice Guys are as generic as they are predictable. They come across as needy & insecure (on both a conscious & unconscious level).

There’s nothing more of a turnoff to a woman than a desperate, boring guy.

(Hence how Nice Guys waste a ton of money on women at bars only to go home alone, &/or end up in the dreaded ‘Friend-zone)

Conversations suck because they don’t speak up for fear of looking stupid or the terror of being judged. Talking about what she does for work or her favourite food doesn’t exactly get her juices flowing.

Thing is, most nice guys don’t even get the opportunity to even to have that boring conversation.

They’re too scared to approach a girl in the first place (even with alcohol). Scared shitless to go in for the kiss or ask for what they really want.

And the idea of being alone forever forces Nice Guys into shitty relationships that they shouldn’t be in - or sleeping with the wrong women (if they’re gettin' laid at all).

It’s a fear of rejection, not feeling like you're good enough, those good-ole self-limiting beliefs & the bullshit stories we keep telling ourselves.



“I’m A Smart, Decent Looking Guy With A Good Job. So Why The Hell Can't I Find A Woman?”

Let's put this all together...
What the 'Nice Guy Syndrome' boils down to.

Socially awkward & you typically feel like you just don't fit in. Constantly rehearsing missed conversations & agonizing over missed opportunities. Oh the things you could have, would have, should have potentially done or said.

What’s wrong with you and why do people (heck, even your friends) look down upon you or at you differently?

Those inner voices nagging that you’re not enough this, not enough that.

"When I get the new car / house / better job / bigger muscles / money in the bank, then I'll be happy, chicks will dig me & people will like me." (insert bullshit thing wherever you'd like).

Constant anxiety, frustration, feeling worthless, not getting the respect you’d like… your mind spins 24/7 like a broken washing machine. Always in your head.

Oh, & I didn't even touch on the lack of energy, sleep, motivation & feeling like a bag-of-suck overall.

This isn't what you signed up for.

You're stuck, yet putting a ton of energy into fighting an invisible enemy. It’s one of the most emotionally exhausting things ever.

I hope you realize by now...

Your Nice Guy tendencies are in the way of getting what you really want in life.

Not cool.

"The 'Nice Guy Syndrome' is mainly an anxiety managing disorder."

- Dr. Robert Glover, Author "No More Mr. Nice Guy"

The Good... And Not So Good Qualities Of The Nice Guy


  • Puts needs of others before his own
  • Avoids confrontations/conflict
  • Does favours
  • Gives emotional support
  • Tries to stay out of trouble
  • Acts nicely towards others
  • Can be vulnerable
  • Makes a good friend

The good can work for you... Or against you.


  • Puts needs of others before his own
  • Unassertive & scared to take the lead
  • Kisses ass & comes across as needy
  • No boundaries & gets walked all over
  • Won't stand up for himself
  • Kind, but expects something in return
  • Not open about true feelings
  • Nice to women in hopes of "more.”

The good can work for & against you too.

There's No Worse Place To Be Than
Trapped In Your Own Hell

Your Own Hell Where You Locked The Door...
Yet Can't Remember Where You Put The Key.

Exorcism? Sign me up (yes, I did look into it - I was desperate).

And if you've read this far, I know you can relate to the struggles of a Nice Guy.

Let me guess. You’re sick & tired of being sick & tired. You've tried books, programs, courses, but have had little to no luck attracting women. Heck, some may have even made you feel worse than before you started. You've spent the money & you’re the same person in the end.

Those false hopes are how you go insane.

You’re sick of games, routines, & avoiding what you really want to say in hopes of getting what you want – yet somehow, still not getting it (or it comes with a price).

Maybe you’re the “analysis paralysis” type (a common Nice Guy/anxiety trait) or swamped with overwhelm & don’t know where to start (besides being a busy guy in general)?

You simply want to be more confident & in control of your life. Is this too much to ask for? Other guys are doing it.

But you know one thing for sure... If what you did before didn't work, you're smart enough to realize you've got to take a different approach (it's the reason why you're here).


[  kerəzˈmadik  ]

adjective: charismatic

1. possessing an extraordinary ability to attract, charm, and influence the people around you

- “a charismatic leader“

- synonyms: charm, personal magnetism, exuding confidence, alluring personality,

effortless attraction, likeable & powerful, influential, strength of character

2. a captivating, magnetic charm or appeal

- “smooth and sexy"


adjective: charismatic

And, Why "Charisma?"

The attributes of charisma complement a Nice Guy's personality type.

The formula is quite easy with a Nice Guy. Take all his good qualities
(sincere & genuine at the core), then add direction & assertiveness.

This is charisma.

Charisma is confidence, self-respect, self-mastery, passion & purpose. It embodies the essence of what it takes to be a man in modern times.

Few people realize the power behind charisma.

And a Nice Guy is really only missing one part of the charisma equation - the balls to go after what it is that he wants (i.e. also known as confidence).

Maybe you’re the “analysis paralysis” type (a common Nice Guy/anxiety trait) or swamped with overwhelm & don’t know where to start (besides being a busy guy in general)?

Fortunately, charisma is a skill that can be learned.

Top performer? Or plan to be?
Then charisma isn’t an option - it's a necessity.

Most Guys Can’t Make A Decision, Take The Initiative, Or Are Too Scared To Death To Ask For Help.

Which ironically, is exactly what woman complain the most about with men.

(If you've ever ask a girl what she wanted to do or where she wanted to go for dinner, you're most certainly one of "those guys.")

You could get my one-on-one guidance and totally transform your life of anxiety, frustration, lonely nights & getting the sh*tty end of the stick forever...

Or you could keep doing what you've been doing, hoping to get different results…

You are a product of all the choices you’ve made up to this moment -
& a product of the choices you make in this moment.

Too old, too busy, too broke, too cool, too what?

Charismatic Gents are confident men - & confident men are men of action.

Let me help you get out of your own way, take action, & stand out.
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