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Alluring Conversations

Attract, Don’t Pursue

Which One Of The Three Items Below, If Addressed,
Provides The Greatest Leverage For Success?

Most Guys Stumbling Blocks:


Not Taking


Stubborn &
Resisting Change


Doing It

Across The People I’ve Helped, My Own Head-Trash, Pain & Suffering I've Put Myself Through -
My First Choice Would Clearly Be...

"Doing It Alone."

Getting help from an expert easily provides the
greatest ROI in time & effort vs results.

In Other Words, If You Want Results FAST - With The Least
Amount Of Time & Effort, Don’t Attempt To Do It Alone.

Every all-star player, every team, anyone who is successful
in their field, has someone in their corner...

That Level Of Thinking That Got You Where You’re At Now With Women, In Your Career, With Your Friends, Isn’t Going To Get You Where You Want To Be.

You NEED An Outside Perspective, A New Set Of Eyes.

Guys Struggle For Ironically The Same Things
That Most Women Complain About...

Most Guys Can’t Make A Decision, Take The Initiative,
Or Are Too Scared To Death To Ask For Help.

( If you've ever ask a girl what she wanted to do or where she wanted to go for dinner,
you're most certainly one of "those guys." )

Don't Be One Of Those Guys

You're a product of all the choices (i.e. actions) you’ve made up to this moment -
& a product of the choices you make in this moment.

Too old, too busy, too broke, too cool, too what?

You've always got a choice:


Option #1

Live In Denial

Keep doing what you've been doing, hoping to get different results… (And as you know, this is the definition of insanity - which rarely works.)


Option #2


Solve your problems through trial-&-error. This is by far, the most expensive & time consuming solution
(from experience - trust me).


Option #3

Get Help

Find an expert who’s already got the results you want - & spend whatever it costs to learn from them. This is easily the cheapest, best & fastest solution.

It’s Not Your Fault

How You’ve Been Raised Is Most Likely Working Against You.

It’s not your fault. You weren’t taught social dynamics in school & your parents most likely
didn’t sit you down & walk you through how to meet women or have an engaging
conversation  (I’ll let you think about what your parents are like for a second).

But from one man to another, take a good look in the mirror. Not only is time running out,
but what’s this costing you? Seriously, take a moment & think about the damage.

Spending your precious time chasing people that don’t give you the time of day,
or wasting money on women at bars isn’t exactly what a man of value does.

And this doesn’t even include the cost of a divorce or a 2 year relationship that you
should’ve broken off after the 3rd date. That’s time & money you’ll NEVER get back
(not to mention the blow to your self-worth, self-esteem, & reputation).

You’ll keep needlessly missing those opportunities to approach cute girls, get your
most desirable needs met & be the man that people around you look up to.

You’re Actually Doing The World A Disservice By Not
Giving Them The Best Version Of Yourself.

But the real beauty of being human is that you can change all this. The brain is a wonderful,
re-programmable machine. With a little tuning, tweaking, debugging & installing
new, more efficient programs, success is inevitable.

Invest In Yourself. It’s The Best Investment You’ll Ever Make.

If You're Not Sure Where To Start...

On this free "Confidence Consult" call, I’ll help give clarity to your
situation with women & the confidence on how to move forward.
Just schedule online behind the button.

And Chances Are I’ve Been There & Know
Exactly What You’ve Been Through

Perhaps You Can Use Me
As An Example...

An example in your life for how many years one can struggle
& live a life of sheer frustration, anxiety & depression.

– A Journey To Hell… & Back.

If I had some help from someone in the know back when I was trying to figure
this stuff out, I could have easily saved myself 20+ years of misery (no joke).

However, I wouldn’t change a thing. I truly feel like it wasn’t an option.
I HAD to go through the BS to be the person I so deeply desired to be...


Yeah, it totally sucked & it wasn't easy. There were times when I wanted to give up &
times when I wanted to kill myself, but literally didn't have the option to. 

Yet, I'm thankful for this opportunity. This experience made me realize
that you have to first get better before you can have a better life.
Not an easy concept to grasp when life feels hopeless.

This Is Why I Do What I Do.

Top Performer? Or Plan To Be?
Then Charisma Isn’t An Option - It's A Necessity.

This Is Where Charismatic Gent Comes In
And Maybe Why You’re On This Page

Guys (esp. Nice Guys) Hire Me When They’re Stuck & Want
Results Fast. They Seek Me Not Because They Want To
Get Better, It’s Because They HAVE To Get Better.

They’ve reached a point where something’s gotta change & what they’re doing isn’t working.

They’re Looking For Breakthroughs.

Breakthroughs are the unfair advantage & where the rubber hits the road. 
Breakthroughs let you out-perform, out-position, out-think, out-maneuver,
& always be one step ahead of your opponents.

Breakthroughs make you kick ass.

An Hour With Me Can Save You A Lifetime Of Pain, Suffering &
Mistakes - Should You Decide To Take The Next Step...

Don’t let life happen to you. Take control, make a choice, & make things happen.

Get laser focused, one-on-one guidance via phone or in-person.

And Become That Man Of Influence.

It All Starts With A Quick 20 Minute Call

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You'll leave with an action plan & a few solid ideas on exactly how & where to start.

On this free call, I’ll help give clarity to your situation with
women & the confidence on how to move forward.
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P.S.S. – The level of personal attention you get from me is VERY important (& key to your success).
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